Carlos Bobonis Colorado


Carlos Bobonis Colorado is a Puerto Rican industrial designer, artist, and educator currently based in New York City. His work is focused on identifying and developing new products for local and international markets, as well as offering creative solutions for design and manufacturing challenges. Before relocating to New York, Carlos was Fabrication Director at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico’s School of Architecture, where he introduced close to 500 students and faculty members to digital fabrication and model prototyping construction. His client portfolio ranges from startups and young entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. He collaborates with designers, architects and craftsmen in the development of prototypes, new products and services. He is also actively researching the history of industrial design in Puerto Rico, with a focus on new product development as a catalyst for sustainable economic growth, a pursuit that led him to found Design in Puerto Rico, a business platform for Puerto Rican designers to develop, promote and export their products, in 2013. Design in Puerto Rico seeks to serve as a tool to strengthen relationships between designers, manufacturers and distributors to develop strategies that will boost the design industry on the island.