We bring to life your idea for a product or piece of furniture by being your design partner. From concept & sketching to prototyping & fabrication, we can lead your design process at any stage.


We identify the best channels to sell your product at competitive markets, base on your business strategy. We are happy to promote you through our network and help you expand your reach to increase sales.

Design in Puerto Rico (DiPR) is a business platform for Puerto Rican designers to develop, promote and export their products. It partners with the best Puerto Rican design talents to connect with diverse selling and distribution channels in competitive 



Founded in 2013 by Industrial Designer Carlos Bobonis Colorado and Brand Specialist Erika Medina Vecchini, DiPR aims to develop business strategies to create a thriving Puerto Rican design industry with international reach.


We serve as an additional 

set of eyes to review your design. We can also advise you about fabrication and sourcing. And we are happy to share our network of experts.



We want to help you create your product's story and brand indentity. If you either have an existing brand that needs to pivot or need a brand for your new product, we are eager to lead your through this creative process. It is important that your brand is reflected through the product, its packaging and the right partnerships.




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